Lock that armour around your heart, brazen and suited for war. Sharpen your sword, clean your arrows, test the strings and find your target. Run headlong in to the crowd and cry out in anger, let loose, break free, pick your battles and pick them well because once you’re on the field there’s no turning back. Fly on wings of gold and white, twist in the air to feel the wind enfold you in its biting embrace. Conquer whole armies in the blink of an eye, slice the chains and bend the bars. Throw out your arms to catch the blaze, fold it in to yourself and let it devour you from the inside. Jump from mountain tops, swim through oceans, escape in to shadows and stare directly in to the light. Flirt with life and kiss death, feel the sweet taste of his lips on yours as the blood on your tongue turns to ash. Let the stars escape from your body, exploding outwards with such force that the whole world rocks on its axis.

Magnificence becomes you. Don’t ever forget that.