So lay the world to waste and cradle whatever rises from the embers with maternal arms, eyes of violet pouring molten steel down the marble carved contours of your face. Blow broken lashes from your fingertips, make a wish as they’re caught by the wind and spiral through the air like dandelion seeds. Clear your mind, still your heart, reach the border and tear down the fences because then you’re home free and honey, nothing can stop you when you start running. Prove to everybody but yourself that you can survive because really you always knew, always felt the wild animal caged in the rush of your blood, the howling scream in the back of your head which only made itself known in the dark, warm moments before you slipped quietly under waves of sleep.

Feel your teeth loosen and fall from your mouth one by one, tongue replaced by razor wire. Spit out hollowed truths like silver coins, prick skin with pins to let the light spill in and flood out the darkness. Caress, carve, cultivate, kneading until gold blossoms just below the surface, precious bruises mottling to cover detailed maps of raised veins. Work in harmony or don’t work at all, play all the instruments until your chorus rivals that of angels. And above all, try and avoid that niggling little question which is hammering its way back in to your thoughts again and again.

Don’t you ever want to fall in love?