They saw so much beauty in our simple forms that they immortalised us in marble and bronze. Stone crept through our veins, skin hardening under our fingertips, and eventually we found that we could observe, and we always so readily had, but no longer interact. We felt nothing, but it was not a sad loss; one day we simply woke and found that we were completely alone, our thoughts untouched by those we had once valued so highly. We became ghosts of our former selves, drifted through the world without looking until we tripped and started falling for so long, in such darkness, that we forgot who we really were. Our names peeled us away from us, letter by letter, our looks melted away as we gazed at ourselves in countless mirrors. One day the ground beneath our feet stopped holding on to our prints, and even the bare soles left no trace of our passing. I saw eyes settle on my face for an instant before sliding right through me, and separately we became the stories which never quite found their endings, never had a set path to follow. And then suddenly, there was no us. We vanished from our lives, left everything behind, and the most important thing, the company we had clung on to for so long… it slipped out of our grasp, hands opening and dropping to our sides as we forgot what we were holding on to, staring so intently at the white skin of our knuckles and the crescent shaped cuts in our palms.

I think that even while we were young, we craved the longevity our bodies offered us so readily. We made it a point to live so fast that everything around us became a blur. But that was common for us, for so many people we had met, to never slow down enough to see anything but ourselves. We had put on masks, and after so long a time they fused to our faces and we became them. Shallow like them, uncaring like them. Emotionless like them. Our lips no longer moved, our eyes no longer smiled. The light we had once so readily carried went out, smothered by clumsy finger tips and careless words. What happened to us? The optimism we had been able to summon started to die on our lips, never reached our ears, and we retreated so fully in to ourselves that any opinion we had once had lost its value almost immediately. We were ghosts, singled out against the veil of the world until we found an opening and slipped straight out of sight.