We shared a love of beautiful things. I think that it was this which kept us sane, kept us together, because without beauty we would simply split apart at the seams, drifting away on the breeze in tatters of hope. We would still be together, twisting around one another in an intricate dance, maybe even give others the illusion that we were joined for an instant and for us the entangling of our souls made it a reality. We were happy, I think, quietly joyful in those moments of shared solitude.

For both of us it was a means of escaping the world for a while, losing ourselves in the comfort of another’s presence. We would rarely speak, constantly daring ourselves to break the silence in our heads but never uttering the thoughts out loud. We would read to each other, passages from books we found which transported us in to their pages, merged our worlds with another. It was in these words that we spoke to one another; they voiced our feelings, lent us the courage to take another step in to the unknown.

Occasionally there were the moments where we would laugh just to hear it shatter the silence. Then we would watch the walls around us break, see the bridges clearly for once. You would dance, spin in to the sunlight and laugh so long and so loud that I simply had to join you, happy from the delight which coated the air and made my heart skip to the rhythm of your feet. It was the leftovers from this which helped us to struggle through what felt like darkness when we were apart, the bitter sweet reminder of carefree summer days. We took solace in this feeling, tethered it behind ourselves to flow and gather in the air. It was this that those around us began to see in our place; it attracted them, left them curious when we parted ways. We carved our way through the world together, moved from place to place in a raucous whirlwind of activity, and the shifting of worlds left us breathless and bright eyed. We burned so incredibly brightly together, shook away the masks and drew the light inside ourselves… It never really ended, did it? We fed so eagerly on all of this passion and eventually, it in turn consumed us. You likened us to stars once, all-consuming in the darkness, so close that we were almost able to reach out and touch.