So they stood there against the darkening sky, two silhouettes in court black resilient in dying light. Around one of them love bloomed like wildflowers, around the other it spilled to the floor like fire and scorched the ground to cinders. One had eyes of silver and gold, glowing with light which was swallowed by the abyss of the other’s. The air around the two shivered with anticipation, palpable in its tension. As the sun took its last breath on the horizon and sank beneath the waves with a regretful sigh the moon rose simply to gaze upon them, stars blinking in to existence just to shine for them. Wind lifted their clothing and lay light kisses on their skin, tussling their hair with a kind hand as it whipped the flames spreading around them in to a dance too complex in its frenzy to follow.

None of this was noticed by either party, though. They were too caught up in their admiration for one another, had been for longer than time itself, their surroundings ever changing with no discernible effect on one or the other. They studied every inch with wonder, galaxies trapped under the skin of one, sunbeams under the skin of the other. They were forces of nature, carving a path for themselves through the world without ever taking a step, not a finger lifted. Civilizations grew and died around them, the ground around their feet scarred by countless wars which began and ended before they could even blink. But they were in love, and nothing else mattered, because to them their very existence required that love to be all consuming and never ending and so they welcomed immortality with open arms.