We were dancing. The bar we had stumbled in to was full of people, intoxicated, laughing and so beautifully happy. He turned and gave me that look, so hard to describe in words. It was like the entire room slowed down, the pounding of the music and all of the different background noises, voices, the traffic outside… they faded, dulled down to distant murmurs. Everything around us darkened and for that millisecond, that frozen moment, we simply drifted. His brief laugh travelled across to me, so clear and real that I couldn’t help but to feel completely carefree, couldn’t stop myself from reaching across and taking his hand again. His hair caught the light, causing a slight halo around the edges of his head, and as we twisted together he caught my bottom lip between his teeth for a moment, kissed my cheek and spun away again. He had rainstorms in his eyes, the kind in to which you wanted to run out and dance, to turn in the torrents with your eyes closed and arms outstretched and just laugh for a while. It was the rain which clouded my vision when I was with him, refreshing and frightening.