You are ripped open. Tears in your skin close to scars and open up time and time again, pains of a past generation digging its claws in to you. Blood drips and blurs in to sweat, lust and love in harmony as you break open your mind and sift through the dregs. Run scared, jump the trenches and mark the floors with pounding feet. Listen to the beat, feel it in your bones, pull out all those memories of bodies writhing together as each note reverberates through you. Individuality ended as soon as you were born and started to borrow mannerisms from the ghosts fading in to your past with wanting arms outstretched.

Decorate and redecorate, keep plastering over the cracks in your marrow. Trace patterns in the air with your fingers as your eyes roll back in your head to glimpse the delicate veins you can never quite trap in your vision. Burn the ground around you and bathe in the ashes until you’ve covered the milk of your flesh, stark white in the hollow light. Murmur in to seashells and let your words whisper back when everything around you has settled and all you can hear is your own breath, shallow and waiting. Catch that breath in jars like they always told you to and cover the top with your thoughts, opening them up again only when the contents has sweetened over countless crisp winter mornings.

Slow down time and watch dust spin through beams of dying sunlight edging its way across boarded floors, filling the room around you as the portraits on the walls start to echo your movements. Wander through doorways in to worlds you’d only ever dreamed of and forever feel them lurking in the corners of your eyes as they wait for you to grow weary enough to leave the warm embrace of your comfort again. See statues come to life and fight one another in empty halls of threaded marble, stolen treasures hunting for their thieves. Face endless mirrors and stare as your eyes blur through every shade and colour imaginable, settling only when you blink and see yourself become solid through transparent lids.

Feel his lips on yours, run your fingers down the curve of his back and feel every knot and whorl in the muscles set there like stone. Feel him encompass you as your skin knits together and every space between you fills. Knot your legs and link your fingers, fill your lungs with his breath and his with yours. Taste your name in his mouth, desperate and wanting. And as he touches you, find yourself shivering as the hairs on your arms rise and your skin crackles with electricity. Lust after him but never love because if you love you can never run and baby, you run oh-so well. Escape in to yourself, fold over and over and disappear in to the air around you. When you can bear to think of him, keep on thinking until you can no longer stand to hear his voice in your head.